Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July!

Well, I don't have any pictures from the 4th, mostly because I didn't manage to go to the races and watch the fireworks...I just wasn't feeling very well (stupid fibromyalgia!!) But Jamie went with Michelle and Cliff and they had a great time. 

I stayed home, mostly in bed, but Will and Ali came and woke me up and I watched the fireworks they set off. It was fun and it was so sweet of them to include me.

I come from a small family. I'm an only child and all my family has lived in another state for most of my life. While Jamie is one of three kids, his family is pretty spread out too. So, I'm not used to big families or really having family around. The past two + weeks in ID has been amazing with all the nieces and nephews and and great nieces and great nephews. The way Jamie's family has just allowed me to be family from the moment I walked in the door has been awesome. I really feel like I'm leaving here with a huge family.

I'm excited as Ali's sister is moving to South Carolina, not far from where we live in GA so hopefully we get to see them more often and get to see that sweet little Nixon too. I've told everyone PLEASE come visit. We have two extra bedrooms for anyone and lots of floor space and of course...THE POOL!! I'm really hoping any and all of them come visit!! Maybe our house can be the location of a family vacation and we'll get to watch all the "littles" in the pool and making memories!!

Well, it's time to help Jamie pack up the truck...I think we are actually leaving tomorrow for our journey home. Stay tuned...we haven't really planned out our trip home yet, so it'll be a surprise at every turn! (Hopefully only the good kind!!)

Keep finding joy in your Journey!
LeighAnn & Jamie

Nixon & the girls having fun in the pool

Oh my, I'm in love with little Nixon!! He really is the sweetest boy and very well behaved for his age...and too stinking cute!! We bought him a floaty for the every little guy needs his own floaty!!

He still isn't 100% sure  that not being held by momma isn't the best way to be in the pool, but he's getting there!!

And of course the girls had a blast (the water was a bit warmer the next day.)

Brooklyn, Morgan, and Chloe

Movies and a dip in the pool!

So Michelle and Cliff finally agreed on a pool for the back yard and Thursday July 2nd was the day it got put up and filled. We (Michelle, Jamie, and myself) drove to OR to pick up the girls (Brooklyn, Morgan and Chloe) from their mom and took them to the movies.  We went to see Inside Out which was a great movie and a great way (in my opinion) to explain feelings to a child. We all enjoyed the movie and then went out of sushi at a restaurant in Ontario OR. 

The girl heard the pool was filled and we stopped by to check with their mom (Erin) to see if it was okay to bring them back to Nampa with us. They came back and braved the cold of the pool water!!


There was a need for some encouragement for Chloe to get in LOL

The water was indeed cold as the water runs out of their tap COLD here in Idaho...not the balmy 72 degrees it does at our house in GA. I will be the first to admit, the thought of dunking my whole body in that cold water (no matter how hot I was at that moment) wasn't appealing!!

Of course Uncle Jamie got in with the girls. He was super great with all the "littles" and always made sure everyone was having fun!!

More updates to come soon!!
LeighAnn & Jamie

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Taste of Things to Come

Just to give you an idea of what else is on the "agenda"...

Tomorrow we are going to Ontario, OR to go to see the movie Inside Out with Chris's girls (that's Cliff's oldest son) Brooklyn, Morgan and Chloe. I'll get to meet their mom Erin too.

I'm not sure what we are doing Friday, if there is even anything specific planned. 

Saturday is going to the Meridian Speedway to see races and fireworks.

Sunday we are supposed to be heading home. 

We had plans to run Jamie's bike on the salt flats (not sure if that's still a go or not) and we have decided AGAINST going to the Grand Canyon this trip. It is SO hot out and they are calling for triple digit temperatures...I don't think we can do it. There will be another trip that we can visit in a bit cooler temperatures. Not to mention that Jamie looked at me today and said...."We are NEVER visiting ID during the summer again!" Ya, it's been pretty hot..."dry heat" or not!

I'll post our plans when we agree on them. 

Have a great day and Happy Travels!!
LeighAnn and Jamie

Update...Update!! 6/23/15-7/1/15

Oh my goodness!! I'm so sorry I've been MIA, but we've stayed busy!! We are still in Nampa, ID and will be here until Sunday the 5th...I think LOL. We aren't big planners obviously!! Before I say anything else, a HUGE shout out to Cheryl and Katie Elms for taking the best care of our fur babies. I'm worried that Bucky and Ellie will think they are their parents now!! Just kidding. They will remember us!! Anyway, I don't think we intended to be gone a whole month, but this has been a pretty awesome vacation/honeymoon!! Now to catch ya'll up!

Had to share this one with you. We went to WalMart in Nampa and look what we saw in the parking lot. Pristine condition...had to snap a pick of it. A guy I dated in high school drove a Pinto and so did my step mom LOL!!

Binx has become my buddy. He is such a handsome cat!!

He is chilling out in the grass with me while I was sitting in the shade. It was so sweet. He followed me out there and stayed with me for a long time :) I miss my kitties!!

And we've had soooo much fun playing with Nixon. He is SUCH  sweet boy!!!
I think we are LOVING being Aunt and much fun buying toys and just getting to play with the baby LOL!!

On Saturday the 28th we tubed down the Boise River. I don't have any pictures because, well, we were tubing down a river LOL. I wanted to buy a disposable camera and we just never got around to it. Cliff, Taylor, Will, Ali, Ali's cousin Tiffany, Jamie and I all went and it was a BLAST. I told everyone I'd go everyday if someone wanted to go back!! I believe it was a 6 mile "float" which included slow lazy sections, fast water that was a little choppy and even a few small rapids. Will was teasing me about how cold the water was going to be and how dangerous the river was. I kept trying to explain that I was floating rivers before I could swim. Yes, the water was cold, but since I was floating in a tube (just really my butt was in the water) it wasn't bad...but I really didn't want to fall out of my tube. I got splashed plenty in the rough water (loved it) and in the rapids (loved it!!) I'm so glad we waited for Taylor to be able to go. So far it was the most fun thing in ID for me. 

Of course we are going to fireworks on the 4th...we'll see how that rates compared to the tubing down the river!

Happy Travels and Enjoy your Journey!!
LeighAnn & Jamie

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some more Idaho 6/18/15-6/23/15

Just wanted to post some more things about our current visit in Idaho with Jamie's family. First I'll break down the family for you, you know, who is who. It's a bit overwhelming for me as I am an only child and basically grew up in a completely silent mom and stepfather used to watch TV with the sound off LOL. I'm used to a lot of alone time, but being overwhelmed is worth it to be accepted by Jamie's wonderful family!!

So here they are (don't have pictures of each person, sorry.)
Michelle (Jamie's sister) and her husband Cliff.
the kids (they aren't really kids anymore lol)
Chris and his girlfriend Alex and his three girls: Brittany, Morgan and Chloe
Will and Allie with there son Nixon
Stephanie (that I only briefly met and haven't had chance to really get to talk to)

Here's two videos of the girls doing the song from Pitch Perfect

Sorry about the video starting out "crooked." I promise I turn the camera LOL. Hey, I'm a scrapbooker, not a videographer!!

and here's a video of sweet little Nixon getting to ride in the wagon while his daddy (Will) pulls it around the yard with the lawn tractor
This was during our cookout for Father's day on the 20th.

Speaking of the Father's Day of food and such a good time. Water balloon fights, fireworks, a small grass fire (put out with the hose that was at the ready near by.) 
I wish I had gotten more pictures, but I was busy having fun and yes, eating. There were hamburgers, salmon burgers, brats (yes, I made those lol) chicken; pasta salad, potato salad, 
chips and I think like 3 different types of dip. There was a HUGE chocolate cake and I made the "Better than Anything Cake" which disappeared as soon as I brought it out. I think I gained five pounds that day  alone!! 

It was an awesome day out and everyone had fun. It was nice to be part of a group/family like that again. Growing up in GA it was just my mom, stepdad and me. All my family was always in WI (and whoever wasn't in WI is spread out all over the country.) Anyway, it was awesome!!

Jamie started a patio for Michelle the last time he was here...he, Cliff and Will worked on it a bit before the cook out and yesterday they started working on it again.

He likes playing with his bucket and shovel!!! LOL!! Just kidding. I'll try to remember to get a picture of it finished so I can post it in another blog post.

Well, I'm off to find some more fun!! Won't be too difficult to do here!! (The house isn't as full today as some were only here for the weekend.)

Happy travels and enjoy your journey!
LeighAnn & Jamie

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hanging out in Idaho 6/18-6/22/15

So we got back to Nampa Idaho on Thursday, June 18th. It was late, maybe midnight-ish. We were worn out from all the driving (the 5 days to Washington and the 7 hour drive back from Washington to Idaho) and immediately crashed in bed when we got in. Father's Day weekend had big plans so Michelle and Cliff had a full house. We didn't even hear Chris and Alex come in at 1:30am we were sleeping so hard already LOL!!

So far we've had a FANTASTIC time!! 

Just like always...this shows Jamie being such a nice guy!! We had run into Target and when we were coming out we see a woman and a Target employee trying to wrestle a chair into the lady's car. The lady kept saying "I know it will fit." Well, after we got into the truck and were kind of just watching them, Jamie got out and actually cut a piece of rope off of our rope and took it over to them...
 Then he put the chair in the trunk and tied the truck lid down so that everything would be safe and sound for transport. What a sweetheart!! I'm so lucky!! 

Here is my niece Taylor...all Sophomores pose this way!! She is such a sweetheart and so has it together for her age!! I love her to pieces!! I won't even post about her voice right this second....You'll hear about that later!!

Jamie made sure everything was right with Jeep #1 that's been stored here since October. There is an issue with the upper and lower radiator hoses are dried out and we had to flush the radiator...but  we've already got the replacement hoses and will get everything installed within in the next few days.

We did drive it around a bit. The pressure plate needs to be replaced and the transmission still needs to be rebuilt, but it's road worthy enough to take it off the trailer if we would need to. Once we get it back to Augusta starts the real work on it!!

So Idaho has been amazing so far.

We'll keep you posted and I have more to share with you about our time here in Idaho, but I'll make you wait for it ;)

Happy travels and enjoy your journey. Be well!!
LeighAnn & Jamie