Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July!

Well, I don't have any pictures from the 4th, mostly because I didn't manage to go to the races and watch the fireworks...I just wasn't feeling very well (stupid fibromyalgia!!) But Jamie went with Michelle and Cliff and they had a great time. 

I stayed home, mostly in bed, but Will and Ali came and woke me up and I watched the fireworks they set off. It was fun and it was so sweet of them to include me.

I come from a small family. I'm an only child and all my family has lived in another state for most of my life. While Jamie is one of three kids, his family is pretty spread out too. So, I'm not used to big families or really having family around. The past two + weeks in ID has been amazing with all the nieces and nephews and and great nieces and great nephews. The way Jamie's family has just allowed me to be family from the moment I walked in the door has been awesome. I really feel like I'm leaving here with a huge family.

I'm excited as Ali's sister is moving to South Carolina, not far from where we live in GA so hopefully we get to see them more often and get to see that sweet little Nixon too. I've told everyone PLEASE come visit. We have two extra bedrooms for anyone and lots of floor space and of course...THE POOL!! I'm really hoping any and all of them come visit!! Maybe our house can be the location of a family vacation and we'll get to watch all the "littles" in the pool and making memories!!

Well, it's time to help Jamie pack up the truck...I think we are actually leaving tomorrow for our journey home. Stay tuned...we haven't really planned out our trip home yet, so it'll be a surprise at every turn! (Hopefully only the good kind!!)

Keep finding joy in your Journey!
LeighAnn & Jamie

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