Sunday, July 5, 2015

Movies and a dip in the pool!

So Michelle and Cliff finally agreed on a pool for the back yard and Thursday July 2nd was the day it got put up and filled. We (Michelle, Jamie, and myself) drove to OR to pick up the girls (Brooklyn, Morgan and Chloe) from their mom and took them to the movies.  We went to see Inside Out which was a great movie and a great way (in my opinion) to explain feelings to a child. We all enjoyed the movie and then went out of sushi at a restaurant in Ontario OR. 

The girl heard the pool was filled and we stopped by to check with their mom (Erin) to see if it was okay to bring them back to Nampa with us. They came back and braved the cold of the pool water!!


There was a need for some encouragement for Chloe to get in LOL

The water was indeed cold as the water runs out of their tap COLD here in Idaho...not the balmy 72 degrees it does at our house in GA. I will be the first to admit, the thought of dunking my whole body in that cold water (no matter how hot I was at that moment) wasn't appealing!!

Of course Uncle Jamie got in with the girls. He was super great with all the "littles" and always made sure everyone was having fun!!

More updates to come soon!!
LeighAnn & Jamie

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