Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Update...Update!! 6/23/15-7/1/15

Oh my goodness!! I'm so sorry I've been MIA, but we've stayed busy!! We are still in Nampa, ID and will be here until Sunday the 5th...I think LOL. We aren't big planners obviously!! Before I say anything else, a HUGE shout out to Cheryl and Katie Elms for taking the best care of our fur babies. I'm worried that Bucky and Ellie will think they are their parents now!! Just kidding. They will remember us!! Anyway, I don't think we intended to be gone a whole month, but this has been a pretty awesome vacation/honeymoon!! Now to catch ya'll up!

Had to share this one with you. We went to WalMart in Nampa and look what we saw in the parking lot. Pristine condition...had to snap a pick of it. A guy I dated in high school drove a Pinto and so did my step mom LOL!!

Binx has become my buddy. He is such a handsome cat!!

He is chilling out in the grass with me while I was sitting in the shade. It was so sweet. He followed me out there and stayed with me for a long time :) I miss my kitties!!

And we've had soooo much fun playing with Nixon. He is SUCH  sweet boy!!!
I think we are LOVING being Aunt and much fun buying toys and just getting to play with the baby LOL!!

On Saturday the 28th we tubed down the Boise River. I don't have any pictures because, well, we were tubing down a river LOL. I wanted to buy a disposable camera and we just never got around to it. Cliff, Taylor, Will, Ali, Ali's cousin Tiffany, Jamie and I all went and it was a BLAST. I told everyone I'd go everyday if someone wanted to go back!! I believe it was a 6 mile "float" which included slow lazy sections, fast water that was a little choppy and even a few small rapids. Will was teasing me about how cold the water was going to be and how dangerous the river was. I kept trying to explain that I was floating rivers before I could swim. Yes, the water was cold, but since I was floating in a tube (just really my butt was in the water) it wasn't bad...but I really didn't want to fall out of my tube. I got splashed plenty in the rough water (loved it) and in the rapids (loved it!!) I'm so glad we waited for Taylor to be able to go. So far it was the most fun thing in ID for me. 

Of course we are going to fireworks on the 4th...we'll see how that rates compared to the tubing down the river!

Happy Travels and Enjoy your Journey!!
LeighAnn & Jamie

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