Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Day Late...

Sorry ya'll didn't hear from me last night and I JUST realized that I didn't publish the night before's blog post either!! It was written, just  didn't manage to hit the "published" button LOL. By the time we've stopped, we've been exhausted so that's my excuse!! Last night we were pushing through and we just got tired. We actually slept in the truck at a truck was kind of fun. That truck is so big that I can stretch almost completely out in the back seat and almost sleep stretched out on my stomach LOL. Anyway, no motel room meant no WiFi or electricity for the laptop, so no TODAY I'm writing stuff about yesterday's (6/09/2015) adventures and I just went back through all the pictures and there will be A LOT of them...I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully later tonight I'll write about today!!

First of, before I write anything else, or post a single picture, let me tell you that no picture I took can ever do what I saw true justice. I have never since land formations or landscapes that literally took my breath away. Our entire drive yesterday was nothing short of amazing and I have to say, if you are always flying everywhere...YOU ARE MISSING OUT. It was so incredible to just ride through these states and what the landscape change right before your eyes! Anyway, back on topic:

We left Ft Collins CO yesterday morning, kind of late. To be honest we did go to a local marijuana dispensary. One side of the building was dedicated to the medical side of marijuana and the other side was for purchasing it for recreational uses. It was kind of cool to see all the ways they "packaged" it...sprays, buds, lip buzz, and on and on. There were limits to how much you could buy and interestingly enough...the prices were similar to what were heard illegal weed goes on the street.

Our trip was full of time talking and cracking jokes and I KNOW many inside jokes were started yesterday for sure. The batteries died in one of my point and shoot cameras and until we got to the next gas station I was basically without a camera (both our cell phones were dying fast too) so we ended up just laughing and cutting up with each other. I'm not sure if it was all the miles or that we were just having so much fun, but we ended up being silly and laughing and laughing and laughing. Those of you that know me well know that while I can be a lot of fun, I have a very serious side. It was sooooo nice to just relax and belly laugh with Jamie!! This trip has really become like a honeymoon for us. I won't get into all the details but we've struggled with our relationship over the years and went through some really tough stuff. We also have never had a honeymoon from when we got married back in September we decided that this is it!! We are have a BLAST!! So here are some of our laughs from 6/9/15

We pulled out my Ipod to listen to it for a bit (not many radio stations to choose from.) I was using an external speaker and guess we had it cranked up a bit too loud, to make up for all the wind noise from having the windows mostly down) and we ended up blowing up that poor little speaker...maybe on our journey home, we'll buy another one, or maybe we'll just keep talking LOL

After the speaker blew up we looked to see if we had any CDs in the truck and there was a Kid Rock CD...we put it in and that's when Jamie tells me it's actually Jane's (his younger sister) CD as their mom wouldn't let her have the explicit Jamie gave her his copy (that had the explicit lyrics) and he took her copy we listen to Kid Rock all bleeped out! LOL

Jamie has decided that one of the things on his bucket list is going to Bonnieville, the salt flats.
Then Burt Reynolds '79 TA needs to go...then he wants to do a remake of Smokey and the Bandit (I say Smokey and the Bandit Revived!) It was a hilarious conversations for sure!

I CANNOT get over the way things look, everything is larger than life.
Colorado is an incredibly beautiful state!

That is full of oil.

Then were are in WYOMING! 

Then we passed these!!
Jamie said it was Warren Air Force Base in WY.

There is so much to see...I'll try to run through some cool things for you...

It's called a "road gate" and it works like a train barricade does except it's closing the highway...usually do to weather conditions. 

I lived in WI and thought I knew what snow fences looked like...I was wrong!
Yep that's a WY snow fence!

We took a minute to grab something to eat in Chugwater WY

We really wanted to try a buffalo burger and we finally got the opportunity to do just that in Chugwater WY. At this place
 We got our buffalo burger, served no differently than a regular hamburger...
and tasted pretty good. Our only complaint was that because buffalo is so lean the burger was dry, even though it was pink in the middle. But the experience was fantastic!

This was right on the front door...ya, carrying a gas can with a couple gallons of gas in it, is probably a really good idea. I saw how far it was between exits and sometimes the exits said  right on the sign "no services" so they were letting you know there was nothing at that exit. As a city girl all I could do was say "CRAZY!!" I am truly in amazement about everything out here.

I do have to tell you our trip to Chugwater did bring it's own joke..."maybe more people would move to Chugwater if they changed the name to Chugbeer!" I didn't tell you it was a good joke!

Before I post some more scenery, Hey WI peeps...did you know there was a Taco John's in WY?!

Since I have to catch this up, I'm going to end this post here...for one, I'm terribly sleepy and we have to drive like 7 hours again tomorrow. Another is that I don't want to make post so long people get sick of reading it. So with that being said, good night and I'll do my best to get things caught up tomorrow!

Happy journeys and new adventures!
Jamie and LeighAnn

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