Saturday, June 6, 2015

Last Train to Clarksville...

Whew today was a long day!! We intended to leave between 11:00am and noon, but that just didn't happen. Before we even left I did four loads of laundry (two were the blankets from the truck and two were our bed linens so they would be all fresh and clean when we get home.) I ran the dishwasher. Jamie went and filled the truck with gas and picked up the trailer (we keep it in's too long for the driveway with everything else we have in it LOL.) and did the last minute "check list" on the truck before we hit the road. I packed all my things and all our bathroom stuff and Jamie got all his clothes pack as well.

Ya, we had to explain to Bucky that he just couldn't come along on this trip...maybe next time. THANKS to Cheryl and Katie Elms for taking are of the kitties while we're gone!! We got to videos and a picture from them today to show us they were getting some love.

We said good bye to the house and climbed in the truck and were ready to hit the road...
Ya, the truck and trailer together are about 45 feet from nose of the truck to the very end of the trailer...guess who isn't driving it LOL
Bye bye house!!! We'll miss you!!

Then it was smooth sailing until we got to a really bad accident on I-75...
 They were working on someone on the ground...looked like they were putting them on a back board... :(
 Lots and LOTS of cops and like four fire trucks and at least two ambulances.
It had traffic really backed up.

But we made it all the way to Clarksville TN and here we are getting ready to crash out for the night. Our plan is to rise and shine early and hit the road. We'll see how we do...neither of us are morning people LOL.
And yes this is me, after hours in the truck, with the windows down and it was hot most of the day. Whew, I'm a hot mess. Good thing I'm heading to bed!! See everyone again tomorrow!! I'll let you know all the exciting developments of our travels on day two!!

Love and happy travels!
LeighAnn & Jamie

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