Monday, June 22, 2015

Catching up and what the HECK is going on!!!

Hey everyone....I know I'm WAY behind on this blogging thing. It was all easy to stay caught up until we got to WA and I'm telling you...time went CRAZY fast!! Not only did time go CRAZY memory ran FAR away!! What I mean is, my days started to run together and even while looking at some of the pictures I am totally confused on where we were and what we were doing. SOOOOO...on some of those days, Jamie is going to help me put all the pieces together.

This does mean the blog is going to get kind of disjointed from the chronological standpoint. So...I'm going to put the date that the blog is about in the title going forward. That way, you can always go back and read them in date order (regardless of the date it was posted) to kind of get the actual timeline we traveled.

Now to just do a super superficial overview of what's been going on...

We got to Washington on Thursday June 11th. Picked up Papa & Nana from the airport on Friday June 12th. Bodhi graduated on Monday June 15th and we stayed until Thursday June 18th. We saw Bodhi every single day we were was AWESOME!!  Thursday June 18th we drove back to Nampa Idaho where Jamie's sister lives. We are still here in Nampa and will be here until probably Sunday June 28th...and then the adventure begins again!!! So don't quit reading!! I'll get you caught up and there is still so much to come!!

Happy travels and be well!
LeighAnn & Jamie

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