Thursday, June 4, 2015

the Little Guy

Just a very brief post...tomorrow is looking like a VERY busy day, getting everything ready to leave on Saturday. My friend Cheryl will be stopping by to check on if there are any last minute things she needs to know before cat sitting for us while we're gone. We're disappointed because she was supposed to take care of the pool too, but since we had a leak and are having the liner replaced, the pool is out of commision until we get back. The disappointment is because part of the "fun" of her taking care of everything is her getting to hang out in the backyard at the pool while we're gone. She knows she's always welcome, but I know she and the kids would have loved to just come over anytime and chill without worrying about being in our way or an imposition. (I would love to have them here anytime, but she worries about being a "bother.")

Jamie spent all day today getting the truck in top shape for the 6000ish miles we'll be putting on it in the next weeks. He worked so hard today. I hate it when I can't help...but he's awesome with cars, so I know we'll have a safe trip.

I was going to scan some of Bodhi's baby pictures to post today or tomorrow, and I haven't gotten to it yet...there is still hope for tomorrow LOL. I do have one picture I can post...
This is Bodhi and Hailey (my stepdaughter) July of 1998...he was 16 months old and she was brand new:) The lady holding Hailey is Dawn, Jamie's then girlfriend, later to be his wife, and now his ex wife. Bodhi and Hailey have known each other basically their entire lives!
This is Bodhi and Hailey May13th 2001. That's the day Jamie moved from VT to Wisconsin and brought his little Hailey bug with him :)  That's the first time Bodhi and Hailey met again after about 1999. This is when they became "brother and sister." Hard to believe that little guy is 18 and graduating from high school in 10 days and this little girl will be 17 in less than a month!!

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