Monday, June 22, 2015

Hanging out in Idaho 6/18-6/22/15

So we got back to Nampa Idaho on Thursday, June 18th. It was late, maybe midnight-ish. We were worn out from all the driving (the 5 days to Washington and the 7 hour drive back from Washington to Idaho) and immediately crashed in bed when we got in. Father's Day weekend had big plans so Michelle and Cliff had a full house. We didn't even hear Chris and Alex come in at 1:30am we were sleeping so hard already LOL!!

So far we've had a FANTASTIC time!! 

Just like always...this shows Jamie being such a nice guy!! We had run into Target and when we were coming out we see a woman and a Target employee trying to wrestle a chair into the lady's car. The lady kept saying "I know it will fit." Well, after we got into the truck and were kind of just watching them, Jamie got out and actually cut a piece of rope off of our rope and took it over to them...
 Then he put the chair in the trunk and tied the truck lid down so that everything would be safe and sound for transport. What a sweetheart!! I'm so lucky!! 

Here is my niece Taylor...all Sophomores pose this way!! She is such a sweetheart and so has it together for her age!! I love her to pieces!! I won't even post about her voice right this second....You'll hear about that later!!

Jamie made sure everything was right with Jeep #1 that's been stored here since October. There is an issue with the upper and lower radiator hoses are dried out and we had to flush the radiator...but  we've already got the replacement hoses and will get everything installed within in the next few days.

We did drive it around a bit. The pressure plate needs to be replaced and the transmission still needs to be rebuilt, but it's road worthy enough to take it off the trailer if we would need to. Once we get it back to Augusta starts the real work on it!!

So Idaho has been amazing so far.

We'll keep you posted and I have more to share with you about our time here in Idaho, but I'll make you wait for it ;)

Happy travels and enjoy your journey. Be well!!
LeighAnn & Jamie

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