Sunday, June 7, 2015

We are in Kansas Toto!

First off...I apologize for few pictures...I'm a little ( okay A LOT) angry with myself because I accidentally deleted the pictures from my camera card and there were some good ones this time too!! But I do have a couple of funny ones to share regardless.

We drove about 638 miles today. I know Jamie is beat and I am too. I'm tired mainly from being hot all day. The AC doesn't work in the truck so it's been a hot ride, even with the windows open. Sure makes the AC feel good at the motel. LOL!! Don't feel sorry for us, because to be honest, I drive my '98 Jeep without the air on most of the time and the AC works great in it. I just like having the windows open. Now on to our adventures!!

We left Clarksville TN and next was Paducah IN. I can't help but say the Duke of Paducah as my Daddy always used to say that. (I had pictures for this section!!!) I learned that the National Quilt Museum is in Paducah IN. Who knew?!!

After Paducah the next "memorable" town was Metropolis IL. They even have Superman on their water tower!! (I did NOT have pictures of this!) Apparently there is even a Superman statue there...hmmm may need to stop there on the way back!!

After that we stopped for gas and saw Ozarkland, a HUGE discount kind of souvenir type place...
  OMG this shirt smelled just like fudge!! I'm totally serious. As one of my fb friends Melissa said "I couldn't have this...I would just keep licking it!!" We even tried to think who we could buy it for LOL.

And we had to be silly for a little bit...after all, we've been in the truck a LONG time. Leave it to Jamie to make the best of any situation!!
Isn't he awesome?! There is a video of him in this on facebook....totally worth checking out! Cock-a-doodle-do!!!

I think this was the stop before the Ozarkland stop, but I found this cute little kitty to hang in my Jeep. While I was looking for her, we found this rooster for Jamie. So my story is "the didn't have a donkey, so I got him a c***."
Perfect for his truck!

And I actually bought some of these, and while they  aren't fantastic, they are pretty good. But I took the picture because we'd never seen them before we bought them yesterday and really "who knew?" they had sweet and salty combos?!!

The only other really cool thing I have to share to night is that while we were driving through MO, I'm pretty sure we were on I-70, we came up to a construction site that took the road from two lanes down to one. You KNOW how awful that is, with people zooming up to the front in the lane that is closed and cutting in and every one seems to be fighting for a space. Well, NO ONE did that. As soon as they saw the "right lane closed" sign, they all started merging left. Traffic slowed down, but never stopped and literally NO ONE was flying by in the lane that was closing. Seriously, we were just flabbergasted. I have to wonder if there is a law in MO that cops can give you a ticket for that or something. I've never seen them so polite about that before. You can't tell I'm still sort of blown away!!

We did drive through St Louis and could see the Arch in the distance. (Another picture I lost :(!! ) But I think we're going to come back through St Louis on the way home just so we can go to the Arch! There was also the HUGE bridge over the Mississippi river...I don't do bridges over water very well. They totally freak me out. Yes, I still drive over them even when I'm by myself...but I do NOT like it at all!! So there was the one over the Mississippi river and I think two more at other times today...really glad I wasn't driving the truck with the trailer then. Thank you Jamie for saving me from that anxiety!!

We did go through Topeka KS. We have friends that live there, but didn't look them up this time as we didn't know we were actually going to go through KS at all (Jamie initially planned to drive through Nebraska) but we decided we wanted to go to Colorado on the way too :)...I TOLD you this was going to be an AWESOME trip!!

So to just give up a very brief summary...we did about 638 miles, were in Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois Missouri and Kansas....just today!! Whew...just looking at the makes me tired! And with that, I bid you good night. Hopefully tomorrow I won't delete any pictures (I still can't believe I did that!!)

Happy travels and have a great journey!
LeighAnn & Jamie

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  1. Hope you get to see the Superman statue. Was fun taking a pic of my hubby with him