Monday, June 22, 2015

Congratulations Bodhi! 6/15/15

Well, the day arrived! The day the inspired the vacation/honeymoon and has us driving across the country like explorers from another country. I am SO proud of this "kid." I say "kid" because he is clearly not a kid anymore. He is in that tough place we all experienced when we graduated from high school. We were legally adults (except for the silly law about drinking alcohol until you're 21!) but we weren't even close to being real world adults. 

I know that a lot of people saw me as being "really put together" when I graduated from high school. In reality, I wasn't "really put together," I was "really told what to do." What appeared to some, to be my planning for my future and even knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up, was really being told that I was going to college for so long that I didn't know I had other options. And I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, I just picked the subject I liked the best. 

I'm telling you, while Bodhi doesn't have his future any more figured out than I did, this kid really does have his head on straight. He's not following the "sheep" to college, or trade school, or anywhere. He's thinking for himself about what he wants his future to hold. His vision of his future may not be conventional or traditional, or even probable, but it's HIS vision of HIS future and I'm so proud of him for being strong enough to be himself...especially right now...where he is in his life. 

Enough with all that deep crap!! On to the pictures and happy memories!

Here is Bodhi's senior class all sitting down right before they start handing out diplomas. 

Here is Bodhi receiving his diploma from the principle of his school. 

Check it out!! This Pitboss shirt he is wearing under his graduation gown is from my friend's band...I got the shirt from Tommy and when Bodhi moved to Washington in like 2011, he took it with him. And there it is again!! Love it!!

Here is Bodhi with Papa and Nana!! They flew in from Wisconsin just to see him graduate. It wasn't nearly a long enough visit...but at least they were here. Hopefully before too long, Bodhi and Papa and Nana can meet up for a bit longer :)

Bodhi hamming it up with Jamie!

Here's Bodhi and Jamie again :)  I know that Marty is Bodhi's dad and Jamie has never tried to take that role away from Marty. But these two have such a great bond. They have had some rough times...but I think they've worked through them. Now they are more like peers than like parent/child...and they sure have fun together. I swear, Bodhi was happier to see Jamie than me LOL!! It's okay, I know this boy loves his momma!! I have no worries there :)  But I love seeing these two cutting up and laughing with each other...sometimes even at my expense LOL. 

Just like ANY visit with family, it always seems too short. 

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